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Welcome, I love Waterbeds and have been Sleeping on, Servicing and Selling them since 1982. Them as in all types and at various levels of wavelessness. Them as in all the brands and beds made during that and to this time. Overseas imports as well.

I was introduced to them by My Brother who operated a Capt'n Snooze Store, I was invited to come down and assist with Deliveries.

My very first job was to install a Waterbed. The next 15 years consisted of doing the delivery's which included a lot of waterbeds from the 5 main Manufacturers of that period. Which gave a lot of insight into their various designs.
And a thorough education in what great customer service consists of.

When you are the delivery and Installation person. You are usually the first point of contact if there are a product issue and the last with the resolution.

Before that, A Background in motor mechanics, During that time in a family-run garage. Came many lessons in performing tasks to the highest levels. That business still operates today. Built on the foundation of long term Happy Customers. If You live out Somerton way. An could use a trustworthy and reliable service center lets know.

Having a Service background and not a Sales background. I am much better equipped to meet your needs with all things related to Waterbeds.

I am about informing You of all of the compromises to consider in the various options and choices so. You are better equipped to choose what suits you best. It's your money and you will be using the product. What I want most, Is your satisfaction.

After the 91-92 Recession, The big stores moved customer,s comfort down a level and profit up a level.
Waterbeds never went out of fashion. They got dropped like hot potatoes for the more profitable options.
That's why there is 40-60% off bedding sales every 4 weeks. 50% Off a 200-300% margin= Hello.

I had a comment the other day from a customer that came to buy a water pillow that was very happy with his $9000 dollar bed purchased from a big store at 50% off. Lay on a $1200 dollar waterbed and comment OMG that's amazing. Wow! So relaxing.

As well as being the most comfortable, Waterbeds have the lowest cost of ownership long term.
I Love My Waterbed, Its The Best, I Make Sure Yours is Too!
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