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Waterbed Servicing

Any and all waterbed issues sorted quickly and professionally to your satisfaction. Is Your Water Bed not as comfortable as it once was, Easy fixed. I can Reset the water level, Remove all the of the air and Condition it. Learn How to Get the Most From Your Water Bed for the Best Nights Sleep. I specialize in all of the services listed below. Traveling far and wide as shown on the areas serviced map.

Leaking Waterbed Repairs

Leak's located and repaired. A split on the seam does not mean a new waterbed mattress. But If a new one is wanted, I have a wide range of replacement parts & accessories available.

99% of the time the water does not have to be removed to repair a leak. Your waterbed will be available for use either immediately or within 2 hours. All repairs have a 3-year warranty and usually outlast the remaining life of the Mattress.

You can bring Your waterbed mattress here to have it repaired, While You wait if you like. Please Call First

If you choose to bring it in for repair, allow 30 minutes to 1 Hour, Or drop it off and pick it up when it suits, I will vacuum seal it for you, So that it's easy to reinstall. If you would like to have a go at repairing it yourself, See the Waterbed Tips page for how I do it.

Waterbed Relocations & Removals

From Across the Room to Across Town, Have Your Water Bed Professionally Relocated. Piece of mind knowing its done right. Free up your time to get other things done on the day. It takes around 1.5 hours to move a waterbed within the same house.

Relocating to a new place, It takes around 30 minutes to drain and pack your waterbed into the van. And around 1.5 hours to set up and fill it at the new place. And you get to see the easiest ways to burp and get the best performance from Your Waterbed

Sometimes You need to be out of Your existing house on a particular day, but can't get access to the new one till another day. No problem, I can drain & dismantle your Waterbed on the day ready for the removalists, And then come and install Your waterbed when you are in the new house. Waterbed relocation has never been so easy.

Waterbed Pump Out

Whether Your Moving, Painting or Getting New Carpet. It takes around 20 minutes to pump out your waterbed mattress and fold it ready for easy handling, It also makes setting up and filling so much easier.

Waterbed Drain, Dismantle & Pack.

I can Drain and Dismantle Your waterbed and the Pack the Mattress, Heater, and Liner into a carton.

Baffles Straightened.

If the baffles in your waterbed mattress are not flat, The good news is that 80% of the time they can be fixed 100% , The next 10% can be restored to a usable condition, The remaining 10% will have baffle delamination , Where the baffles have separated from one another inside the mattress. Replacement is the only option if this has happened.

Best practice is to not try to fix this yourself, As the baffle material is quite soft and can be easily torn if not handled correctly. Any water still inside the waterbed mattress makes the task near impossible.

I come to you and fix this in around 1 hour, I can refill it, Or You can fill it Yourself if you prefer. Your waterbed mattress can be brought here to be fixed, You can drop it in and either wait for it to be done in around 30 minutes Or return later at Your convenience. I will vacuum seal Your waterbed bladder for safe handling.

Any other issues, The best advice is only a phone call away

Servicing all areas in Melbourne and Surrounding Suburbs. Including The Mornington Peninsula, Werribee, Taylors Lakes, Cragieburn, Epping, Healsville, Emerald, Pakenham. Koo Wee Rup, Crib Point, Flinders. Geelong and everywhere  between.

Can travel further. I have looked after waterbed owners as far away as Port Fairy, Ballarat, Bendigo, Bonnie Doon, Bairnsdale, Leongatha, Wonthaggi, and Phillip Island
I Love My Waterbed, Its The Best, I Make Sure Yours is Too!
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