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Waterbed Mattress Selection Guide.

Which one is right for you. With some insight into what is available your choice will be easier.
Bigger, Thicker, Better does not mean a lot. There are 3 common vinyl thicknesses available. .41 micron .51 micron and .56 micron. 
The thicker they are the more prone to developing stress fractures in creases. The thinner they are, the more flexible they are, which provides for better contouring around the body's contact patch. And most important is the formulation of the vinyl.
The quality of the Plasticisers and are they phthalate-free.
The best formulations are made to potable water standards. Which is the standard for drinking water.

Batts of polyester fiber is used to provide the various levels of wavelessness. Sometimes referred to as Baffles or Layers. These come in various thicknesses and are measured in grams per square meter, gsm.  Commonly available in 300, 400, 450, 500 and 520 gsm. 520gsm batts are around 50mm thick. A soft-sided waterbed is 200mm deep, So only 4 will fit inside.
This why some brands of 3 layer mattresses cost less than Others. And others may have 5 or more. Also important is, Are the layers stacked and glued or folded then stacked, sewn and glued. Which is more durable in the long term.  Another important feature which only some brands use is Flotation foam. Flotation foam is about 5mm thick and very buoyant.  Some use none, Some glue in 3 thin strips. One uses a full sheet that is sewn and glued in, Between the top two layers. 

 Some Examples of Inner Construction

All Clipper waterbed mattresses are made with 520gsm fibre and a Full sheet of flotation foam, For Maximum Comfort and Durability.
The 2 layer 1 Large bat Folded and Joined at the bottom. Glued and Sewn.
The 4 Layer 2 bats Folded and Joined and then Glued and Sewn Together.
The Castaway L 3 Layers + 1 layer of Foam With a Heavier Duty Foam Section.
The Full Float or Free Flow.  100% Supported by Water. The Lowest Pressure Points Possible. The Purest.
The 2 Layer, Waveless 100 mm of ultra-soft polyester fibre. = Medium. Some Wave Reduction.
The 3 Layer Ultra Waveless, 150mm of ultra-soft polyester fibre. = Firm. With Increased Wave Reduction.
The 4 Layer Ultra Waveless, 200mm of ultra-soft polyester fibre. = Firm +. With maximum wave reduction.
The Castaway, 3 Layers of fibre + the fourth Layer of convoluted Foam. Designed to provide an almost motion-free sleeping surface that molds around your body providing a unique level of support.
The Castaway L, Is similar in construction to the Castaway but the concept of the Cushion-Top has been extended to include an area of thicker, denser “Fingers of Foam” in the lumbar region.

Selecting the Replacement Waterbed Mattress.

The first thing to know is what yours is now, so we can compare it to what is available and arrive at a suitable choice.

After 10 years or so the baffles are going to be a lot softer than when new, So a new one of the same spec is going to be firmer. People choose waterbeds due to their low-pressure points. As the number of layers increase, The pressure points also increase.
So for example, if you have an old 3 layer and are thinking to go to a 4 layer. You are going up 2 steps in pressure points. And might find it a bit to firm. Some are very surprised at how much harder the bed could be.

Recently I had a customer with a 15-year-old, 2 layer mattress, and the layers had almost dissolved. Request that I bring a Castaway mattress as the replacement. After the discussion, The 2 layer mattress was the best choice. Even going to a 3 layer would have made the bed much firmer than expected. A week later the phone rings with a report of total satisfaction. 

Customers coming in to buy a replacement mattress and to check out what is available, Remark on how much better the new mattresses feel. I would recommend to come in and sample what is available, or ring for advice.  

I Love My Waterbed, Its The Best, I Make Sure Yours is Too!
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